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To get more teaching opportunities through Togetherhood, you should excel at the initial teaching opportunities that you accept. This will build your reputation amongst our customers and lead to additional business for you.

In addition, you should complete your Togetherhood profile, keep your availability updated and submit entries to the catalog of the courses you've always wanted to teach. By doing this, we will be able to market your courses to schools and other communities around New York City.

How do I get more teaching opportunities?

To submit a listing to the course catalog, go to your Instructor Dashboard and click on the "Add to Catalog" link in the top navigation. It will take you to this page (, at which you can add a new listing.

How do I submit a listing to the course catalog?

You should arrive to teach your class at least 15 minutes before class is scheduled to start. In addition, punctuality is incredibly important to our partners and we have seen partners terminate a relationship with a teaching artist for repeat tardiness.

At what time should I arrive to teach my class?

Togetherhood is a platform that enables you to run your own enrichment business. Our model has some great benefits: you have the autonomy to create your own course and you earn like an owner, capturing the majority of revenue for each class that you teach. However, these benefits come with a commitment to the schools and families with whom you work: to be punctual and prepared to teach a great class every session. Lateness should never occur and absences should only occur when you are too ill to teach.

When you or your sub do not show up for a class that you have committed to teach, the repercussions are grave and a school may choose to terminate your residency. Schools have called us on the day of the absence and told us that the provider is not welcome at their school. Essentially, a school may fire you. This is up to the school’s discretion.

Before your course starts, identify and speak with 2-3 people in your professional network that will be your substitute if you become ill. Introduce them to

You are accountable for your class. If you are unable to teach a session, you should:
1) Let your contact at Togetherhood ( know ASAP that you are not able to teach the class.
2) Reach out to your pool of substitutes to see which ones are available to step in for you.
Introduce the ones who are available to your contact at Togetherhood. Togetherhood will screen them to ensure they’re a good fit for the network, onboard them and ensure that they receive payment for the session.
3) Share the lesson plan you’ve created for the session you’ll miss with Togetherhood so that your substitute is prepared to teach your class.

Note: if you are unable to find a substitute in your own network, Togetherhood will reach out to the other instructors in our community to see if one of them is available to sub for you. If nobody in your network or the Togetherhood network is available, we will notify the partner. If there is no partner, we will cancel that session of the course.

In summary, consistency, reliability and continuity are the keys to your success. The students become attached to you and the school relies on you to create a unified experience. We understand that you might get sick on occasion; however, you must ensure that all classes you have committed to teach are held.

What do I do if I need a sub?

Togetherhood takes care of the business of afterschool enrichment, so the instructors in our network can focus on creating a great classroom experience for their students. Our benefits include sales and marketing (we'll bring you classes full of enthusiastic and engaged students), customer service, liability insurance, logistics support (e.g. obtaining materials for your class), classroom space when necessary, teaching assistants and substitutes for classes you cannot teach.

What are the benefits of Togetherhood?

Togetherhood is a marketplace that enables schools and other communities around New York City to find programming taught by the best independent enrichment providers. You do not work for Togetherhood. Instead, the Togetherhood platform enables you to find new teaching opportunities and provides you with the support you need to successfully teach these courses. We are here to serve you as you pursue your dreams as an enrichment provider.

Do I work for Togetherhood?

Togetherhood enables the best independent enrichment providers to teach distinct, outstanding afterschool courses. The instructor has full autonomy to design the course and lesson plan and full ownership over the classroom experience. Our business model is based on a revenue share, so instructors earn more as enrollment in a class grows.

Why is Togetherhood different than other companies that provide afterschool programming?

Togetherhood strives to guarantee at most an 8:1 student:teacher ratio when children in K or younger are enrolled in a class or 10:1 student:teacher ratio for other classes.

When do I need a teaching assistant? Why?

1) Please write on the receipt the following information:
a. Instructor Name
b. Course Name
c. School Name

2) Scan or take a picture of the receipt so that the price and information you wrote is displayed clearly.

3) Send the images of the receipts to the following email address:

How do I submit expenses for reimbursement?

Togetherhood issues payment to providers two times per month:
1) 15th of the month for classes taught between the 23rd of the previous month and the 8th of the current month
2) end of the month for classes taught between the 9th and the 22nd of that month
The reason for this timing is that our payroll provider takes some time to process payments and we want to pay you for the classes you've already taught at the time of processing.

When am I paid?

Payment is calculated using the following formula:

Gross Revenue (this is all of the money that the school or parents pay us for this class)
minus Shared costs (includes the cost of teaching assistants, space in which the classes are run when necessary)
equals Net Revenue

Net Revenue * your revenue share = your payment for the class

How are my earnings calculated?


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