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We are building the future of children's enrichment.

We place the families' needs at the center of everything we do, so that your children get the highest quality, most convenient activities.

We founded Togetherhood because we saw first hand how difficult and complex it was to find high quality enrichment options for our three children. We felt like we were constantly researching different options, in search of trusted, recommended providers; constantly trying to find spaces in classes that worked for our children's schedules; and constantly taking one of our children to an activity. Togetherhood is designed to solve these problems, to deliver convenient, high quality children's enrichment.

In Togetherhood, we've created a safe and secure community where your children can explore different areas of interest to discover their passions. We partner with the best independent teaching artists and coaches in New York City who are not only passionate about their craft, but also about sharing the values they've learned from their craft with the children they teach.

We aspire to be a part of every neighborhood. We are focused on New York City's Upper West Side today, but are growing quickly. If you'd like to bring Togetherhood to your neighborhood, please let us know.

We believe that all families deserve easy access to high quality enrichment for their children.