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Success Academy Upper West (SAUW 7)

145 West 84th Street, Floor 2,
New York, NY 10024

The magic of a big city is that talented people are everywhere. The magic of artists, scientists, athletes, and scholars is the desire to share their craft. We've partnered with some amazing local specialists from your city and are thrilled to share their course offerings with you.

Togetherhood brings the best of NYC to life for children through distinct enrichment activities, in a seamless way for parents. We are pleased to announce the Togetherhood fall after school lineup, exclusive to SAUW.

Students will be picked up at the end of the school day by their enrichment provider and walked one block to the Church of Saint Matthew & Saint Timothy, where the courses will be held. The space is clean, well sit, safe and secure. It includes both outdoor and indoor space in which the children can move around. All courses are tailored to SAUW's schedule.


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