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PS Q300 - Upper School

31-51 21st Street, 5th Floor, Long Island City, NY 11106

We are one of NYC’s K-8 citywide public schools for Gifted and Talented students. Our Lower Division houses our Kindergarten through 4th grade students while our 5th through 8th grade students are at our Upper Division. Our divisions are co-located in two separate buildings, but our community is united in a common goal.

Ever since our school’s inception in 2014, we have demonstrated a commitment to providing the best education possible for our wonderful students. As we approach our 7th year, we have been working collaboratively as a community to ensure that our instructional practices and efforts align with our goals of creating a culture of excellence, designing and assigning rigorous tasks, while at the same time fostering a genuine love of learning. These goals are embedded in our school’s core values: Inclusion, Inquiry, and Responsibility. As we use the national standards for gifted students as a guide to educating our students, teachers create robust curriculum that engage students in inquiry and project based learning throughout each subject area.


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