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PS 333 - Manhattan School for Children

154 West 93rd Street New York, N.Y. 10025

MSC's mission is to be a caring community of lifelong learners, with collaborative teaching in a workshop model where students are doing most of the talking and heavy lifting of their learning. 

Togetherhood is thrilled to continue its partnership with MSC this fall. The afterschool instructors who teach at MSC through Togetherhood are masters of their craft and include Broadway performers, former professional athletes, a chess grandmaster, local artists and STEM entrepreneurs. Their courses engage and excite students, while also teaching valuable principles that help build character. 

How it works:

- Togetherhood instructors meet the children in the MSC auditorium at the end of the school day.
- All classes are held at MSC.
- The instructors offer three classes per day for K-5 students.
- The fall lineup includes classes in STEM, sports, and the arts.


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