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Anthropology, Herbalist, Caregiver

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  • My favorite animal is a Rhino
  • I love the beach
  • I am Jamaican and Mexican

My name is Jasmine Fernandez, and I am grateful to be able to apply to this important program. I am 24 years old, with various work experience from fields like the service industry, caregiving, and education, to state employment. I am looking for further employment through the progression of my Anthropology degree and interest in education and childcare. I am a highly efficient worker and I am ready to show my leadership skills in a classroom setting. I am very adaptable to new environments, spaces, and groups of people. I am compassionate and communicate thoroughly with my peers and upper ranks. I am ready to be of service to my passions, creativity, and innovations that will serve the community. I love children, and have worked with infants, and toddlers mostly in classroom settings, and for close family friends, and clients. I am a certified doula, so I love working with mothers and their babies to ensure absolute best health practice, and serve as an emotional and physical support system. Eventually I desire to obtain my midwife licensing. Joining Togetherhood would mean to me that I can explore my passions for caregiving and education from an Anthropological lens, and learn how to support the needs and interests of the children in this community. Thank You.

All my best,
Jasmine T. Fernandez

Volunteer and Employment examples from my resume:

QueenyMag- Online Social Media Editor, Public Speaking, Curate Events (2018)

CCAT- Sustainable Technology and Agriculture Club/ volunteer involvement (2019-2020)

Food Bank Borrego Springs, CA Distributed food to the community (2020)

Professional Memberships- National Leadership Society-NLS (2021- 2022)

Cal Poly Humboldt Anthropology Department Peer Mentor Spring 2023

Archaeological Aid California State Parks Ocotillo Wells SVRA (January 2023-March 2024)


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Anthropology, Herbalist, Caregiver

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You don’t have to leave your neighborhood to give your kids the world

With Togetherhood, your children can experience the world around them, learn and have fun. All this within a safe and secure community.

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