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Tom G

Martial Arts Instructor

Say Hi
  • I have taught a few celebrities.
  • I am a theatre student. I have a background in performance
  • I perform magic shows sometimes

The students call me; Mr G!

My name is Tom Gordon.

I have been teaching Taekwondo and martial arts for 26 years.

I have extensive experience teaching large classes to private lesson students of all levels. White belt to black.

Students of various ages learn coordination, agility, and the art of Taekwondo.

Lead Karate classes for after school programs for kids the ages of 5-15

Teach basic and traditional karate techniques for elementary school kids.

Specialized in troubled teens and kids with Autism and ADD/ADHD.

Instructed martial arts to kids, teens, and adults for 25 years.

Planned class instruction and belt testing.

I my free time I like to play drums. I actually do it professionally.

Started Taekwondo and drumming at the age of four, and have never looked back.

I incorporate my knowledgeable of performance, music, magic, and comedy into my martial arts teaching.

In Taekwondo we don’t just teach how to punch and kick.

We teach the “aims to achieve” perseverance, indomitable spirit, integrity, self control, courtesy,”

I have been lucky to have some great teachers in my life.

The goal is to empower the youth of today on how to use martial arts to help them in all aspects of life.


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Tom G

Martial Arts Instructor

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