TooStrong NYC (Kids' Fitness)

Tuesdays, 3 - 4 PM, Grades 3 - 5

Class Description

We understand that kids have a lot of energy and since the beginning of this pandemic we’ve all realized how important it is for kids to have an outlet to release that energy. We create a positive environment of movement education while simultaneously providing moments of play where kids can run around and just have fun! We run, we jump, we squat, we crawl, we play games, and then we run some more. As much as we like to have fun, we are also serious about educating kids on body awareness and teaching them how to move safely. We want to change the way the younger generation understand fitness. We want to move the conversation away from short term, aesthetics-oriented endeavors and instead shift towards a lifelong journey of connecting with your body by way of intentioned movement, improved performance, and positive experiences. Both instructors certified by the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Youth Exercise Specialist Hourly Cost: $45 *Minimum of 4 Children Required* You can also learn more about our amazing coaches by visiting their websites below!

Contact Details

157 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY, USA