Spanish Immersion Soccer (SOLD OUT)

Thursdays, 3 - 4pm; Ages 6-8

Class Description

Join us with Routesports for a unique and first of it’s kind dual language soccer program that inspires athletes to be brave, confident and gain both soccer and social skills. Work with expertly trained and energetic coaches who go above and beyond to teach both soccer and life skills. The class sets an atmosphere where there is both challenge and encouragement to learn the technical, tactical and physical components of soccer while also creating a cultural learning experience with the use of languages in Spanish or Italian. Our goal at Routesports is to learn and be challenged in soccer and gain another cultural understanding while working with coaches from their country of origin who are experts in the sport and also encouraging and fun! This amazing educational experience and ….will build a solid foundation in physical fitness, team sports, soccer and cultural immersion. Your soccer star will learn the importance of drills, passing, practice, training, dribbling, hand eye coordination and fine motor development. The classes are constantly building on past skills with the expertise of the coach leading your soccer player to master Routsports four main values: trust, friendship, education and development. Through cultural days and building on soccer skills, every week is a new experience that further advances both your child’s language and soccer technique as they move through this immersive and incredible new program. The Route Sport experience is guided by our four main values: TRUST, FRIENDSHIP, EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT. *Minimum of 6 children required*

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157 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY, USA