Imagination & Creation in Color (UWS)

Thursdays, 2:30 - 5pm

Class Description

Is your child a budding art enthusiast? In this experience-based, 12-week art course, students will take an artistic adventure across Manhattan and explore six different world-renowned art galleries and museums, alternating with six studio art classes held at Togetherhood. Studio classes will bring field trips to life with fun materials such as water-based spray paint and projects inspired by the artists they study. Gallery and museum trips will encourage close observation, imaginative group discussions, and emotional reactions to artwork. Students will spend time sketching in museums and galleries to strengthen drawing abilities and provide a framework for related art projects -- all while touring an extraordinary variety of modern and contemporary art in NYC. Guided studio art classes will serve as an extension of field trips, where students will combine what they learned from exhibitions with their own imaginations to create bold, individual projects using an array of techniques such as collaging, painting, stenciling, and more. Come join us on this creative journey through NYC! Hourly Cost: $33 *Minimum of 4 children required* No class on November 24 (day before Thanksgiving)

Contact Details

157 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY, USA