Harry Potter’s School of Wizardry in NYC

Wednesdays, 2:30 - 5pm; Ages: 6 - 9

Class Description

Step inside the enchanted School of Magic and unlock the secrets of Harry Potter! Discover all the wizarding world has to offer in a one of a kind class that brings the first Harry Potter novel to life. From wand making to potions class, a sorting ceremony and exciting matches of muggle Quidditch. We will use creative play and crafts to explore the exciting realm of magic in ways only dreamed possible! Bring a beloved adventure to life at Togetherhood headquarters and in the charming forest of Central Park! The class is aimed for the most avid fans of Harry Potter and we will focus on the first book in the series. Hourly Cost: $33/hour *Minimum of 5 students required*

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157 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY, USA