Creative Art (Fri)

Fridays, 2:40 - 5:15pm Grades 2 - 5

Class Description

Fridays: Grades 2 - 5 In this studio-based class, students will have a judgment-free, safe and enriching environment to express themselves and exercise their imaginations. Students will be encouraged to boldly share their stories, conduct open ended explorations and make authentic connections with art and each other! We will explore techniques, surfaces, and mediums inspired by various art movements and styles, and children will explore inventive application techniques. Each class will introduce students to new artists and include tool and technique demonstrations as well as a project. We will experiment with traditional as well as unconventional tools of the trade, and even invent our own! Join us for an exciting term of Creative Art! Starts Friday, January 7th - April 8th $485 | 13 Courses | No Class February 25th $30 one-time materials fee (included in the $485 total)

Contact Details

157 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY, USA