A Taste of Dance

*Outside* Ballet, Modern & Contemporary Tuesdays, 3-3:45pm; Ages 5-7

Class Description

Is your child ready to move outside after a long day of Zoom classes? Are they eager to explore their creativity as a movement artist, but are confused about how and where to start? Then this 6-week introduction to the joy and fun of dance in Central Park is for them! This after-school journey gives a month-long introduction to three types of classical and contemporary dance forms: ballet, modern, and acrobatic/contemporary. Children will be inspired at the beginning of each new technique by pictures and videos of some of the world's most renowned works of dance, such as The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Alvin Ailey’s Revelations. After mastering the basics of each technique, parents will have the opportunity to watch their children showcase their newfound love of dance with an informal showing that allows them to experience the magic and excitement of performing. The Dance Sampler ultimately aims to give children the experience of these techniques to spark an initial passion for dance and movement performance. This class also takes the opportunity to use New York’s Central Park as an inspiration for movement and expression. Clothes that are somewhat form-fitting and durable are requested, but children are encouraged to express themselves with clothes with fun colors and designs. This class is designed for beginners with little (1-2 years) to no previous dance training, but who have an excitement and curiosity about movement expression. Come dance with us! Cost per Class: $30 *Minimum of 4 children required* Cover photo credit: Ballet Zaida Gallery photo credit: Nir Arieli cc 2019

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