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  • Soccer with Soma Kids

    Creativity, autonomy, socialization, and sportsmanship are examples of the educational elements we have built into our program. Join us for a high energy and dynamic class, where your child will learn soccer fundamentals and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

  • HipsterBabyMusic - Mondays with Melody

    Come join singer/guitarist Melody Stolpp, in this interactive & fun-filled class, you and your child will Sing, Dance, & Groove along to our weekly themes, explore basic musical concepts, and play age-appropriate instruments. These classes will encourage your little one's natural curiosity & excitement about discovering and making music, we'll jam together to some kids classics, as well as popular music that everybody can enjoy. We play lots of classic Rock & Roll songs by legendary artists (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, and more…) all while making them accessible for kids. We make sure we get everyone up singing and dancing, and typically adults have as much fun as the kids do. We are not your typical baby music class, we are HipsterBabyMusic! Course dates: July 26, August 2, August 9, August 16 Cost: $30/class *Minimum of 5 children required*

  • Dancing to Remember ~ Dancing with Das

    How are we feeling today? What excites us? What is our favorite smell or sound, and how does that make us feel? The little happy dance we burst into after taking a bite of our favorite ice cream, the uncontrollable laughter that follows a funny joke, the never-ending skipping with our best friend, these are few of many every-day moments we will explore together. Using dance as a form of expression, together we will share our favorite memories from the week and bring it to life with movement. This class is suitable for kids who love to dance and share their ideas. We will learn how to express our feelings and memories through movement utilizing our individual capabilities of our imagination and sensory skills. Focusing on an instinctual and uninhibited approach, this class is a perfect combination of creative play and expression. *Minimum of 3 students required* Photo Credit: Ballet Zaida

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  • singin-in-the-park-musical-theater-12

    Singin’ in the Park (Musical Theater) COURSE

  • TogetherhoodTeam

    Our Enrichment Provider Community Boe W. Dance & Choreography Boe has worked as a professional performer, choreographer, and dance instructor. Learn More Das K. Dance A movement artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Learn More Dave "Cyclone" F. Teaching Artist Dave has been one of the most powerful dancers in the NYC underground dance scene, and appeared in videos by top artists such as Nas, Jay Z, Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin. He is the founder of The Center of Attention dance school in NYC where the focus is to help kids get in touch with their physical potential by creating self image as a tool. Learn More Eileen C. Music and Movement A performer and teaching artist passionate about expression through music and movement Learn More Eileen V. Performing Arts An actress who has played many Disney Princesses Learn More Eliza N. Hogwarts Alumna A native Upper West Sider who enjoys exploring the Harry Potter franchise, playing soccer, and eating Gray’s Papaya. Learn More Erika S. Art A Brooklyn-based visual artist, educator, and animal lover Learn More Griffin United Soccer Club Soccer Our mission is to develop children who go through our program to become responsible adults that will contribute positively to society. Learn More HipsterBabyMusic Music It doesn't matter if it's The Wheels On the Bus or The Rolling Stones, kids like music that's shared with energy, joy, and passion. Connect over the music you love, it never has to be more complicated than that. Learn More Kristiana J. Teaching Artist A singer, actress, personal trainer, swim instructor, and budding songwriter hailing from D.C. Learn More Laura A. Art A Brooklyn based art historian, artist, and educator Learn More Martin A. Dance A dancer who loves sharing his passion for performance Learn More Route Sports Miguel Santolaria, CEO Route Sports not only coaches children in soccer, but also teaches the sport in Spanish. Learn More

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