Our Approach to Safety

A cornerstone of our program is COVID safety. Our Safety Operations Plan (SOP)* is in full compliance with CDC guidelines. Dr. Donna Hallas, Director of the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program at NYU, is advising us in this area. All pods will have: 

  • On-call pediatric triage nurse

  • Classrooms professionally sanitized daily

  • State of the art HVAC systems and hepa air filters

  • Properly socially distanced (6 feet  between students and 40 sq ft of space per child in each room)

  • Abundant PPE

  • Pod mates are from the same school, same grade and cohort to minimize interactions and keep the "bubble" small;

  • Required to wear face masks all day (except for lunch and water breaks)

  • Spend time outside as much as possible

*Available upon request.


COVID risks are present all around us, and at Togetherhood we have mitigated those risks for our children and teachers, to the greatest extent possible.


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