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The Cathedral School

319 E 74th St, New York, NY 10021

Togetherhood is dedicated to ensuring that every child has access to high quality enrichment and instruction. Through our platform, TCS families can access our network of independent enrichment providers. Based on your input, we have created a custom line up of convenient, high-quality courses for your community this fall.

Our network is composed of outstanding instructors who are also masters of their craft, including Broadway performers, professional athletes, chess grandmasters, local artists and STEM entrepreneurs. These instructors teach distinct courses that engage and excite students, while also teaching valuable principles that help build character.

Classes are from 3 - 5:15pm, held at TCS and require a minimum of 7 children in order to run. Each course is $40/child/class and has a $100 registration fee. Thank you for choosing our instructors' courses!


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