What Makes Togetherhood Special

A program for New York City's elementary school children

Small, close-knit pods

Children spend the day with their friends and classmates. Each Togetherhood pod consists of 6-8 children from the same grade and school, enabling them to experience the joys of in-person learning and socialization with their friends. You can join with a fully-formed pod or you can join by yourself and we'll match your child with other families from the school. It's up to you.

Your child's remote curriculum. Enhanced.

Our Together Leaders assist the students as they complete their school's remote learning curriculum. Students will receive 1:1 support so that they develop a deep understanding of the material; we will move at the speed that is best for them. Children will have the opportunity to collaborate and share their projects with their classmates.

Dynamic, engaging Together Leaders

Together Leaders lead our pods and support your children as they go through their remote learning curriculum. We have a team of educators with great classroom experience, as well as a diverse set of skills including the arts and technology, among others. They are warm, supportive and deeply passionate about our mission.

A convenient, safe location

Togetherhood is located in a secure, child-friendly, professionally-sanitized location just one block from Central Park. As long as weather permits, part of each day will be spent outside.

A schedule tailored to your needs

Because we operate on a school-by-school basis, we are able to tailor our schedule to align with your school's hybrid schedule. If your child attends school on Group A days, she would go Togetherhood on Group B days. And vice versa. In addition, the Togetherhood day starts before the remote school day so that children can be in their seats and ready to go in time for their morning meeting.


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