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    As a native New Yorker with an unwavering passion for basketball, I've dedicated over 12 years of my life to coaching and mentoring aspiring athletes. From my early beginnings shooting hoops at the age of 6, my love for the game only grew stronger, propelling me into a lifelong journey within the basketball world.

    My extensive experience as a head basketball coach spans over a decade, where I've had the privilege to shape and guide numerous teams towards success. Through strategic coaching methodologies, player development programs, and fostering a strong team ethos, I've honed my skills in not just refining on-court performance but also nurturing the discipline and character essential for success both on and off the court.

    Beyond my coaching endeavors, I've also served as a Dean of Students, leveraging my leadership skills and a deep understanding of mentorship to positively influence the lives of young individuals. This role allowed me to blend my passion for basketball with educational leadership, creating a holistic approach to developing well-rounded individuals.

    My journey, rooted in the vibrant culture of New York City, has imbued me with a unique perspective that combines the grit and determination of the city streets with the finesse and strategy required in competitive sports. My dedication to the sport and commitment to nurturing talent has been an enduring aspect of my professional life, shaping not just teams but the lives of countless individuals under my guidance.

    Driven by the belief that basketball transcends the court, I continue to inspire and guide athletes, instilling in them the values of teamwork, resilience, and relentless pursuit of excellence.


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