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Shaunte C

Photographer and sketch artist

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  • Participated in Nyfw shows
  • Can speed sketch the Simpsons cartoon

I am a passionate photographer and sketch artist with decades of experience. I am

based out of NYC and have shot events, weddings, photo shoots, jewelry you name it!

Art runs in my genes!

In the realm of sketching my grandmother, mother, uncle and two cousins all have this

talent. I learned the basics of photography in college minoring in art ( learning film

developing and image production in the darkroom). In later years I taught myself digital


I would love to use my skills to teach the youth that have interest in these realms of art!

Togetherhood mission and vision align with my values. What motivates me is working

for organizations that serve a higher purpose. I am bringing my skills and experience to

support the cause.

I have a reputation for being able to work with everyone. I enjoy figuring out what

motivates people, finding common ground and getting things done. I am also good at

landscape photography, composition and image manipulation which helps me to build

productive relationships and achieve solid results.

Teaching through Togetherhood would be truly rewarding, there is nothing like

enriching a child’s especially when you’re passionate about your subject/ lesson plan.


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Shaunte C

Photographer and sketch artist

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You don’t have to leave your neighborhood to give your kids the world

With Togetherhood, your children can experience the world around them, learn and have fun. All this within a safe and secure community.

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