Spanish Immersion Soccer

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Mar 17, 2021


Ages 7-9

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About the course

Routesports is an international company that organizes soccer programs for children in the United States and Spain.

In our program we focus on learning and developing the technical, tactical and physical components of sport, creating a different cultural experience with the use of languages such as Spanish and Italian.

Our main objective is to provide the players with different methodologies at the technical-tactical level so the kids can develop the game in a different way from what they are used to in their country of origin. We will achieve this goal through our integrated training where the understanding of the game with and without the ball is the main protagonist. We want to generate an interaction between kids from different cultures so they could share their same passion: soccer.

Our staff works to transmit values and sports education based on respect, teamwork and the closeness that represents us. We plan cultural days with the objective that kids from all parts of the world can be immersed in Spanish and Italian culture.

These classes will be run by coaches with extensive experience in their countries of origin and in the United States, and their first language is the language with which the class will communicate. Parents can choose which language they want for the class.

The Route Sport experience is guided by our four main values: TRUST, FRIENDSHIP, EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT.


Spanish Immersion Soccer


Stefano Giadini

Stefano is an Italian soccer coach with 10 years experience in youth soccer programs, with 6 years in Italy and 4 in the US. He holds a masters degree in cognitive science and decision making, as well as a National C Coaching License. Stefano currently serves as the Route Sports Assistant Director of Coaching and Metropolitan Oval Academy Head Coach. He is fluent in Italian and English.